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Wills are the foundation of probate proceedings. A last will and testament allows us to designate where our property goes after we pass away. Make things easier for your family. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Estate Planning

The government is demanding, especially when it comes to taxes. Knowing where and when to transition your assets can prevent you or your loved ones from paying excessive taxes after your passing. Work with us to guide you through preparing your estate for that eventuality.

Juvenile Law

Having children can be stressful. Being one can be even more stressful. We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others and some mistakes can be devastating for a child’s future. Let us help you get through the system.

Criminal Defense

Adults make mistakes too. As do police officers, detectives, and prosecutors. Let us help guide you from indictment to trial and further. The earlier you call, the more time we have to work together on your case. Last-minute trials never work out well for the accused.


If you have been tried for a crime or sued for one reason or another and lost in either case, let us help. We can review your case and ask a higher court to do the same. Appeals are time-sensitive, though, so be sure to contact us immediately after your trial is complete, or even before. We can get involved during trial and work with you to prepare for an eventual appeal.

Contract Reviews

We provide contract reviews for various purposes. If you are considering entering into a contract with another person, please contact us before you sign. We have experience particularly in physician employment contract reviews.

Other Areas

The world of law is a multi-faceted and complicated place. Many areas cross over from one to the next. If you have a question regarding a legal situation, please contact us. We can review your case and determine if we are the best firm to handle it. If not, we can refer you to another firm that can help.

Trevor M. Rose

Attorney Trevor M. Rose is ready to help guide you through the legal system in a number of different areas. Please contact him for a free consultation.


Trevor’s practice has provided wills, estate planning, medical contract review, and civil representation to Texans from Houston to Tyler since 2010. He can also represent those charged with crimes in both State and Federal courts. Click the “Attorneys” link above for more information.

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